A Simple Test of Faith

In the next paragraph I will ask you a question. Take some time to think about it before reading on; otherwise this test will be pointless. Ready?

Where would you end up if you dropped dead right now?

This little exercise reveals where you are placing your faith.

When you pondered your answer to this question, did you think of what you’ve done in your life or what Jesus did for you during his life on earth?

Is your faith in what you do or what Jesus did?

If you thought about what you did when pondering your answer to that question, you need to change the way you think. I’m guessing that most of you probably did.

“I hope I did enough good works in my lifetime.”

“I wonder if this thing I am struggling with right now will keep me from going to be with Jesus?”

Legalistic thoughts. Religious thoughts. Ridiculous thoughts.

But I don’t blame those of you who did. I used to think such thoughts myself. There’s too many churches that make your actions the focus rather than Jesus’. They try to treat your behavior without addressing its cause.

In essence, they preach the Law.

“You need to stop doing this.”

“You need to do more of this.”

But we know from Paul that the Law only makes us sin more (Romans 5:207:5).

Back to this issue of where our faith is.

The good news is that Jesus did a good enough job saving you.

Welcome to the New Covenant.

Yeah, I know most of you have heard this before, perhaps more than you want to. But are you really getting it? Because if you do, the answer to that question I asked at the beginning will jack you up with ridiculous amounts of joy.

And this is why: In terms of salvation, what you do doesn’t matter.

Even your faith in Jesus or your choosing him doesn’t save you. 

Now if you actually have a desire to “unsave” yourself, that’s another story. You can choose to reject the reality that Jesus already saved you, act like God isn’t with you, believe that he’s angry with you, and live in an illusion. Hope that’s not you. It certainly isn’t most people, especially when they know that God is madly in love with them, overflowing with grace, and the most fun guy to be around.

But, again, what you do doesn’t change the fact that Jesus saved you.

Bye bye Old Covenant.

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