What I Am Not Saying

Hey readers. Love ya!

It has recently come to my attention that a number of people have become concerned about my posts on this blog and feel that I am promoting false teaching. Part of the concern is due to things I have explicitly written, while part is due to what I may not have stated explicitly but seemed to have implied. So I decided to write this post to address what I am not saying as well as people who might be warning others against me.

First let me explain…

Why I haven’t done this throughout my previous posts

I have a policy of unmerited trust. I trust everybody by default unless they demonstrate that they are untrustworthy (but even then I might continue to trust them, believing for the best). As it relates to this blog, I trust that people won’t make unwarranted assumptions about me or what I believe based on what I haven’t written. If somebody isn’t sure about whether I am saying something or not, I trust that they would not prematurely draw conclusions but ask me about it personally. Further, I have intentionally been careful about the words I choose, so I am confident that I have not asserted what I never meant to endorse.  Consequently, there should be no need for me to be making these clarifications that I am about to make (at least in theory). But perhaps some people were wondering about my thoughts on some of these particular issues anyways, so I think this will do some good.

Before getting into specifics, let me also say…

The purpose of this blog


  • For my enjoyment in writing it
  • To help process my thoughts
  • To question what is usually not given much thought and accepted as obvious among Christian circles
  • To get people thinking about what they may have always assumed
  • To inform that there are more options than one regarding issues that are often presented as there being only one way of believing
  • To be a launchpad for dialog (I haven’t been very successful in this area…I’d love to hear more from my readers!)

Is not…

  • To tell you what is true
  • To tell you what I have decided to believe for the rest of my life and am not open to changing my mind about
  • An exhaustive analysis of any topic
  • To question the hearts of people who hold the beliefs that I question

I doubt that anybody is agreeing with and believing everything I write on this blog just because I wrote it, but if you are doing so or think I have some kind of authority in dictating truth, I strongly encourage you to stop and instead learn to think for yourself. No one has a corner on truth and everyone holds mistaken beliefs, myself included. Nobody has it all together. I take that back; Jesus does. So, above all, I encourage you to talk with him. Take everything you read here to him. If what I write helps you in your relationship with God, awesome. If not, forget it.

Now, onto the main topic of this post…

What I have said

  • I have questioned the common understanding of the scriptures (here, here, and here).
  • I have questioned the common interpretation of the fall (here).
  • I have questioned the necessity of the cross in order for God to be able to forgive us (here and here).

What I have not said

  • Quit reading your bibles; in fact, throw them out altogether. I consider the scriptures to be incredibly valuable. If you ask me what I believe and why I believe it, you will quickly discover that the majority of what I believe is based on the scriptures (although my interpretation of it may be different from yours). God will speak to you through reading bibles, just as he spoke to the authors who wrote them (although that’s not the only way he will speak to you).
  • The only correct way to interpret the Genesis account is figuratively. I gave an alternative to a literal interpretation. To me it seems that neither can be easily ruled out, since we are not told how to read it. There are various arguments supporting both literal and figurative readings, and my point is that it isn’t obvious which is correct (or even that it has to be one or the other).
  • The cross was unnecessary for salvation. The cross is the greatest revelation of who God is, opening our eyes to see his heart toward us; it is by its power that we are freed from our illusions of separation from God. Make no mistake – I preach that Jesus and Jesus alone saves us through the finished works of the cross. We can’t experience true life without him, because eternal life is knowing him.

There may be other things I have written about that have caused some to become concerned, but only one person has approached me so far, and as it relates to this blog these are the only topics we discussed.

To those who are warning others about me

If you genuinely feel that I am leading others astray, then please come and talk with me; you just might find that our views are not so different after all (and we can become friends while we’re at it, if we’re not already). Even if that turns out to not be the case, we can at least come to a better understanding of each other. If it turns out that, after talking with me, you are still convinced that I am damaging others and are sure that you are right and I am wrong, then your warning others about me is perhaps warranted (it at least makes sense why you are doing it).

I would encourage you, however, to take the advice of Gamaliel and leave me alone. “For if [my] purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop [me]; you will only find yourselves fighting against God” (Acts 5:38-39). The truth or falsity of what I believe will be made evident by the fruit in my life. If I am not manifesting the fruit of Holy Spirit in my life, then you have good reason to suspect what I believe. Otherwise, you might want to reconsider what you believe.

The same goes for me. I am not going around warning others about people who don’t agree with what I believe. I have decided to let the wheat grow with the tares (Matthew 13:24-30). If I am right about something, it will win out. If I am wrong, it will not win out. If that happens, I trust my perfect leader Holy Spirit to correct me.

(I took the “leave me alone” from Acts 5:38, so it probably wasn’t the best phrase to communicate what I wanted to. To clarify, when I say to leave me alone, I don’t mean refuse to hang out with me. I simply mean don’t try to fight against an idea I wrote about. Let me also clarify that when I suggest that you don’t fight against ideas, I am not saying that what I write about is not open to discussion. If someone would like to respond to what I’ve written by laying out their reasons for why they disagree with me or come and talk with me about it, cheerio! Anyways, let’s not get divided over beliefs :] love you!)


Thanks for reading my blog. Again, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Love you all! :]

4 thoughts on “What I Am Not Saying

  1. Not only do I enjoy your posts, I find that many of them stick in my mind, resurface in connection with other topics and conversations, and challenge certain of my ‘belief ruts’ that have developed over time. It’s great.

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  3. How many denominations do we have? The point is there are so many Christian religious mind grids out there that you will always have people that disagree…and some without the mind of Christ (love and honoring others)…so keep your head up, you are a blessing…love you heart and spirit, along with your creativity and imagination.

    Not sure where I stand on all of this, but…Rhema Code (book) “You are not living toward complete, you are living from complete…also John Crowder is crazy good,
    Andre Rabe, and others have caused me to leave religion behind me…
    …sooooo we need voices like yours to challenge our religious mind grids…keep
    sharing your heart…love it, and love you…abundant Blessings…

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