Hey everybody. I haven’t posted anything in almost two months, so I want to share where I am in life and some thoughts I’ve been having.

I recently realized that I have an unhealthy habit.

I’ve kept a journal since high school. Actually, it’s more like me keeping a record of thoughts that I’ve had that I liked. I digitized my journaling when I went to college, and this made it easier and quicker to write a lot. So I ended up having tons of recorded thoughts. A lot of it has ended up as part of this blog and my youtube videos.

What I realized was that I was using blogging as an outlet to share the things I was journaling about. This was unhealthy because I was bypassing the more natural and important outlet of sharing with other people in person, a desire of which blogging was merely a reflection.

I think part of the reason I turned to blogging was because I lacked genuine community where I felt free to share my heart. You might have also noticed that I hadn’t really made an effort to make this blog very personal but rather tried to write in an objective way. This was probably because I subconsciously recognized that blogging wasn’t going to build deep relationships and basically only served as a platform for intellectual discussion.

It’s not like I feared sharing my heart with people; I actually really enjoy being vulnerable. It’s just that I had a bad, subconscious habit.

Having realized this, it became obvious that a lot of my journals left over were merely a burden that I felt like I had to blog, so I deleted a bunch of it, and I’ve been thinking about how to have healthier habits. I think I’ll keep posting some more of what’s left in my journal, but I probably won’t spend as much time polishing what I write as I have in the past.

Another shift that I envisage is I will not make as much of an effort to substantiate my claims. I’m kind of tired of trying to prove every little statement I make (although I do enjoy a good debate). Initially I did so because I knew this would prevent some people from falsely accusing me of not being scriptural or informed. I now also recognize, however, that misunderstanding is inevitable, and that those who truly desire to understand what I’m trying to say when they are not sure will ask me personally.

[End rant]

So yeah…I’m doing well. My absence had to do with significant shifts in my thinking, and that’s been an adventure. I’m looking forward to where Jesus takes me next.

Oh, and I gave the blog a new theme 😀

Love you all. You are beautiful and perfect. Glory!

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