What Does Biblical Inspiration Mean, Really? (Part 2)


Part 1

The scriptures can only be used to prove its own inspiration if the doctrine is assumed to begin with

The source cited most often to support the idea of biblical inspiration (in the modern sense) are the scriptures themselves. But a simple observation invalidates this shallow way of reasoning.

Any idea about bibles that is supported by bibles is only valid under the assumption of divine inspiration.

Think about this. Suppose I say, “everything I say is true.” Is this true? You can only know this by either assuming that the statement is true or false. If you assume it is true, then everything I say is indeed true, but if you assume it is false, then I sometimes do not tell the truth. The point is that you must begin with an arbitrary assumption to determine whether the statement about my truthfulness is true or not.

Analogously, I could write, “this blog post is inspired by God.” Would that prove that it is inspired? Of course not. Would it even count as evidence to support such a view? Not really. Thus, any claims the scriptures make about themselves are pointless, at least in terms of proving claims about itself.

On the other hand, neither does this in any way prove that the scriptures are not inspired. But, of course, the same could be about my blog posts.

This reasoning should be enough to put to rest any appeal to the scriptures themselves to affirm their own inspiration (in the modern sense). Many people still do, however, reference such passages to support their claims about the scriptures. Yet the passages may not even be claiming to be inspired, as is popularly believed, and in fact may be affirming the exact opposite.

So, in the following posts we’ll take a look at some of the passages commonly cited in support of inspiration.

Part 3


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