Original Innocence


Original sin is the doctrine that humanity is in a state of sin because of the fall in the Garden of Eden. This is the basis for other doctrines such as everybody having a sinful nature (the idea that humans are all basically bad and naturally inclined toward evil), total depravity (that every human is so enslaved to sin that, apart from God’s control, they are utterly unable to refrain from evil or fellowship with God), and automatic guilt (that all humans are guilty of sin because of Adam and Eve sinned).

–______–original sin

What if we refused to place our faith in original sin and instead place it in our original innocence effected by the lamb slain before the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8), which affected all of humanity even before it had a chance to try and mess it up.

What if we gave up our faith in the total depravity that supposedly resulted from Adam’s actions and instead placed our faith in the original goodness of humankind made in the image and likeness of God and the total finality of what was revealed in Christ’s actions?

What if we retract our faith in the so-called “fall” and “curse” and instead place it in God’s perfect redemption?

Jesus was born into humanity, born through a woman―born fully human―yet was without sin. This reveals to us a very significant truth: Sin is not the default nature we are born with. If it were, then Jesus himself would have been a sinner simply because he was human…This alone shows us the human experience does not start with original sin, but original innocence…It is the overarching structure of the world within society, culture, secular institutions and religious affiliations, that pulls us all into a false sense of who we are―that deceives us (exemplified in the story of Adam) to give up our original innocence; it makes us reject our true humanity, and embrace a man-made version of who are expect to be, what we are expected to be like, and how we are expected to think about ourselves, God, and others. – Mick Mooney

Contrary to pop-Christian beliefs, there is nothing wrong with the human condition. The story of humankind’s relationship to and with God begins (Book of Genesis) by telling us that we are born out of the image, likeness and being of God. God’s being is the ground of our being. The image and likeness of God is the underlying, unchanging, and fundamental essence of who we are. At the core level of our being we are one with God. Can God be damaged, diminished, or corrupted? Can God be made better or improved upon? Of course not! And so it is also with each of us as sons and daughters of God…Jesus unmasked the false notion that our humanity separates us from God by demonstrating that the two can be one. – Jim Palmer


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