Do You Know My Heart?

In a conversation with a friend of mine, I was told that I sounded like a different person in person compared to when I write (he’s right!). I was thus advised to try and communicate my heart more in my blog posts (because he knew of some others who were misunderstanding my heart from just reading what I wrote).

This is something I have intentionally avoided for a number of reasons.

  1. From the beginning my purpose in blogging has been to i) help me process my own thoughts through writing, ii) expose my readers to information and ideas that they perhaps have never heard of or considered before, and iii) spark discussion (yes, I would love to hear your thoughts more!); It has never been to try and convey my heart.
  2. I believe that if people are trying to discern the nature of my heart merely from the content of what I write, the problem is theirs; I consider such a task to be impossible and, inevitably, presumptuous.
  3. To a degree, this way of blogging has helped uncover which of my relationships have been based merely on doctrinal agreement rather than pure unconditional love.

I will probably continue to write the way I do, but I would like to make one clarification regarding my “heart.”

Although I often write my blog posts in a way that can be taken as, “this is the truth, and this is why, so you better believe it!,” by no means do I claim to have the corner on truth or be infallible in what I write. The reason I write the way I do is because I find that it would be extremely tedious both for me, the writer, and you, the reader, if I posed every one of my thoughts as a question (“What if…?”) instead of a claim and began every statement with a qualification (“In my opinion, which may be wrong,…”).

I leave the conveying of my heart to my personal interactions. I understand that it isn’t always possible to do this face to face (although I think that’s the best way), so sometimes I’ll have to try and do that through writing. But if I am writing a personal message to you, I will certainly have a different voice than the way in which I write my blog posts (as any person who has corresponded with me can testify, methinks). And yet, it will not be how I would talk either.

Anyways, … I love you all!


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