Cleaning Out my Closet…

It’s been a while.

For those of you curious as to why I stopped posting about 5 months or so ago, I simply lost interest. I was also in the middle of witnessing my beliefs significantly shift, so I felt that the content I had kinda written up but not yet posted to be irrelevant. I can’t say that I feel very different from back then, but for some reason I find it difficult to just delete that which I have partially written…perhaps I am seeking some type of closure.

Anyways, although I don’t think I’m motivated enough to spend time polishing my posts like I used to, in the near future I might post my partially written up thoughts (that often read like notes) for those interested. In essence, this blog won’t be continued for long, and whatever posts that follow will be the last ones.

I am also considering starting a new blog in the future with a different focus (definitely not theology). If that ever materializes, I’ll let yalls know.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out my Closet…

  1. Don’t stop posting, I love your heart and spirit of all that you share…love your creativity and imagination also.
    Still trying to see how far out into the deep I am going to walk out, but I have left the safety of shore (religion) and looking forward to a refreshing swim and back shore (Jesus and His Grace)
    Abundant Grace and Blessings to you

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